Hello my name is Alana Tillman. I am from Northern California. I was born without the use of my arms and hands. As a result I learned how to draw and paint by mouth. I have to credit my family for introducing me to art. as a family, creativity was always encouraged in our household. I started painting at the age of five and haven’t stopped since.

I have always loved painting and realized my artistic abilities were a gift that I should refine and share with others. Living in Northern California has inspired me as an artist. With our dynamic landscape, ocean, vineyards, lakes and mountains: it is truly something to behold. I’ve used the environment and colors from nature as the inspiration for my artwork.

My painting style varies from abstract to impressionist. When working with my clients; my goal is to create artwork that evokes a feeling or memory while enhancing ones space. Some people may say painting with my mouth is a remarkable talent, however I want to be known for the quality of my artwork rather than how I created it.”

Living In

Sebastopol, CA

Select photos provided by Matt Bradle and Carla Wilkinson